Associate Professor in Cognitive Neurobiology; Alexander's mum; argumentalist

Y a s m e n e   B a j a n d o u h
PhD, co-supervised by Julia Vogt; motivation and social decision-making  

J o n a t h a n   C h a l l e n g e r
MSc; the role of the hippocampus in flexible behaviour

I b r a h i m   K h a n
UROP; pre-commitment and belief updating

A a r o n   L e a d e r
MSc; neurochemical imaging in Huntington's Disease

B r e n d a n   W i l l i a m s
PhD; basal ganglia-thalamo-cortical systems, decision-making

[ a l u m n i ]

M i c h a e l   L i n d n e r   (2012-2019)
Postdoc; methods lead, CINN Imaging; coding deity; "I think you will like this; I coded hope"

W i l l   L l o y d   (2015-2016)
Postdoc; physicist by training and conviction   -->   MR physicist in Manchester

M a t t   S p e n c e r   (2014)
Postdoc, co-supervised by Doug Saddy   -->   clever clogs at Amazon

G r e t a   F a s t r i c h (2013-2017)
PhD, co-supervised by Kou Murayama; motivation and decision-making --> postdoc in Reading

A r r a n   R e a d e r   (2013-2017)
PhD, co-supervised by Nick Holmes and Peter Scarfe   -->   postdoc at the Karolinska

T i f f a n y   B e l l   (2013-2017)
PhD, co-supervised by Ying Zheng   -->   postdoc in Calgary

J a y n e   M o r r i s s   (2012-2016)
PhD, co-supervised by Carien van Reekum   -->   postdoc in Reading

J o   B o w e r   (2012-2015)
PhD, co-supervised by Craig Steel   -->   postdoc in Huston

A n j a   V a r j a c i c   (2011-2015)
PhD, co-supervised by Doug Saddy   -->   postdoc in Oxford

G a r r e t   O ' C o n n e l l   (2010-2014)
PhD, co-supervised by Bhisma Chakrabarti   -->   postdoc in Berlin

S o p h i e   G i b b o n s   (2018-2019)
MSc; basal ganglia-thalamo-cortical systems, belief and flexibility   -->   RA in Oxford

S u s a n n a h   H e r m a s z e w s k a   (2018-2019)
MSc; behavioural flexibility and dual-levels processing  -->  graduate training in Reading

N a d i a   E l   H o r c h   (2015-2016)
Postgraduate research assistant

V a n e s s a   M e i t a n i s   (2012-2014)
Postgraduate research assistant   -->   PhD at UCL

E l l i e   M o s c h o p o u l o u   (2012-2013)
Postgraduate research assistant   -->   PhD at Queen Mary's

D e n i z   A l e m d a r   (2017-2018)
Research assistant   -->   BSc at Reading

K e a g a n   M a n u e l   (2017-2018)
Research assistant   -->   BSc at Reading

R a u l   U n g u r e a n u   (2016)
Research assistant   -->   BSc at Reading

UROP Research Scholars
L a u r e n   R e e s - J o h n   (2019)
N a d i n e   L o e f f l a d   (2017)
V a i s n a v i   M o g a n R a o   (2016)
L a u r e n   S a y e r s   (2014)
S o m y a   I q b a l   (2012-2014)