neuroade are a research group within the Centre for Integrative Neuroscience and Neurodynamics.

If you would like to join us, please visit this page to find out more and to get in touch.

neuroade currently are:

Anastasia Christakou

Professor of Neuroscience; Alexander's mum; argumentalist

Brendan Williams

PhD, neuroimaging of learning and decision-making


Will Lloyd (2015-2016)

Postdoc; physicist by training and conviction --> MR physicist in Manchester

Matt Spencer (2014)

Postdoc, co-supervised by Doug Saddy --> clever clogs at Amazon

Arran Reader (2013-2017)

PhD, co-supervised by Nick Holmes and Peter Scarfe --> postdoc at the Karolinska

Tiffany Bell (2013-2017)

PhD, co-supervised by Ying Zheng --> postdoc in Calgary

Michael Lindner (2012-2019)

Postdoc; coding deity --> CINN research support officer

Jayne Morriss (2012-2016)

PhD, co-supervised by Carien van Reekum --> postdoc in Reading

Jo Bower (2012-2015)

PhD, co-supervised by Craig Steel --> postdoc in Huston

Anja Varjacic (2011-2015)

PhD, co-supervised by Doug Saddy --> postdoc in Oxford

Garret O'Connell (2010-2014)

PhD, co-supervised by Bhisma Chakrabarti --> postdoc in Berlin

Raul Ungureanu (2016)

Research assistant --> BSc at Reading

UROP Research Scholars

Ibrahim Kahn (2020)Lauren Rees-John (2019)Nadine Loefflad (2017)Vaisnavi MoganRao (2016)Lauren Sayers (2014)Somya Iqbal (2012-2014)